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  Biolight in CES 2016  

The annual international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the most popular and influential event of consumer electronics industry. In CES 2016, more than 2000 enterprises all around the world competed on the same stage, among which many Chinese Enterprises had played an important role and created a beautiful show of “created in China".  

2016 CES was held in Sandshall Digital Health during January 6th to 9th , 2016.  Biolight had been there again with home care and wearable products, featured on “Technology and innovation”.  Wearable smart thermometer, smart fetal monitor, bluetooth blood pressure monitor, fertility thermometer, these great products of “hardware+app+service”

“So cute!”The product which drawn most attention from visitors is smart fetal heart robot . Made of medical-grade ABS material, this cute robot could monitor fetal heart anytime, and the data would be stored forever. With radio and fetal education, it could also give education to fetal and babies.  

Compared to those conceptual products in CES, utilitarian products seems to be more popular. Temp sitter gives 24h continuous temperature measurement, high temperature alarm, and stores all of the data to the cloud, which greatly relieved parenting pressure. 

“Smart home care health protection and digital treatment are the current strategic direction of Biolight.”said the person in charge of Wearcare product, Mr. Yan Zhao , in the interview of Digital Health Live. Biolight has developed more professional
mobile medical products which cover every members in a family, and turn big data into application achievement. Biolight commits to create more humanistic, innovative, family oriented digital products, and change people’s way of life with innovative technology.   


In the medical care field of CES 2016, Chinese enterprise like Biolight is changing the impression of the world toward China. “Create in China”would instead ”Made in China”soon.










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