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  Biolight 25th Anniversary Celebrations  

Sponsored by Guangdong Biolight Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  Biolight hosted over 1000 guests from all over China, comprising of customers, suppliers and other industry personnel. Signifying the strength in unity and the creation of a new era of cooperation. The celebration ceremony was held at the Zhuhai Jida Resort Hotel.

June 28, 1993 marks the birth of Biolight Medical Technology in Zhuhai, China. Biolight has symbiotically grown with Zhuhai’s induction as a special economic zone (SEZ). From our humble beginnings to our continued growth, we have innovation and grown as the SEZ has developed. The course of development and expansion is one that we aim to emulate of the next 25 years and the 25 years thereafter.


 This festival was divided into a welcome, birthday songs and general speeches of thanks. Biolight appreciates the outstanding contributions that are made by our colleagues and partners on a daily basis. As we embark on the road to independent innovation, we request that you enamour yourselves with and promote the “healthy Chinese dream” belief.

First Chapter: Welcome

An interview area was set up which was designed to host a few interviews from old staff and partners. Our main focus was their general experience of Biolight and where they see the organisation going.



Chapter 2: Birthday Songs
June 28, 2018,
The 25th anniversary of the establishment of Biolight: the opening speech as given by our chairman, Mr. Yan Kingyuan.



Chapter 3: General Speeches of Thanks
Biolight has accrued 25 years of brilliant and continuous success, we are still reaping the fruits of the hard work that has been imparted by all our stakeholders. During the ceremony, we were issued with the:
* Quality Trust award
* Adherence to Innovation award
* Seiko Quality award
* Courage to Serve award
* Business Development award
Awards were also presented to Chen Qiliang, Faibao, Li Huanting, Ye Shong, Li Ya and other people to affirm their efforts and trust as observed by their colleagues and partners.



Chapter 4: Crafting our Joint Future
The joint celebration aspect of the ceremony opens with a Wright-sung performance. They have been entertaining, performing, lighting up, dancing, sketching, and reciting poetry & other forms of show for over 10 years now.





 From Zhuhai to the whole country, from China to the world, from a single product to a multiple industry chain, from following to leading the industry direction, now standing in the 40 anniversary of reform and opening up a new starting point.  After 25 years of development, the Biolilght Group of data growth continued to bright eye. From a small companies to thousands of people group. From an ordinary private enterprise to a publicly traded company, it started from hundreds of thousands of to nearly 1 billion of sales. Over the past 25 years, Biolight’s development has created billions of dollars in taxes and foreign exchange for the country.

We envisage a future where the right people will continue to implement our innovative and developmental principles; our devotion to customer satisfaction and functional diversification. We aim to always strive for human development and we believe a fundamental precursor for that is healthy people. We aim for Biolight to become synonymous with “the healthy Chinese dream” and “the healthy world dream” thereafter.



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