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  Biolight Transmits China Healthy Power Spirit  

Innovation lights up the future of the patients

The 40th anniversary of Chinas reform andopening up brought us so many surprises and happiness. National leaders have proposed a healthy China Strategy in their report to the 19th national congress of the communist party of China. During the two sessions, the chairman of Biolight, Mr. Yan jinyuan, was invited to participate in the Peoples Daily "healthy Chinese" round-table presentation blood purification special session. He talked about the future of blood purification with the ministry and academicians and experts, promoted the development of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and turned the beautiful vision into reality step by step.

From tradition manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, speed to quality, product to brand, Biolight is more than concentrating on production, efficiency, benefits, innovation, word of mouth and long-term brand image.


Embracing and learning from others

Biolight has been continuously spreading the power of Chinese health to the world and making the voice of Chinese brands. In the context of new globalization, especially with the deepening ofthe ‘The Belt and Road initiative’, Chinas medical field has ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development. Taking advantage of various good news, Biolight seized the opportunity to improve the level of internationalization.


The great changes in the past 40 years of reform and opening-up cannot achieve without embracing the wisdom of the world. Biolight strove for the best among the head manufacturers and made great progress in setting up the Biolight Germany branch in this manufacturing powerhouse. 


Complete the mission and strive for the dream

At CMEF Spring 2018, Mr. Yan jinyuan the chairman of the group was interviewed by CCTV reporter on hot issues such as How domestic medical device brands should enhance their comprehensive strength under the call of "The Belt and Road", and What is the innovative developmenttrend of global medical device field after 19th national congress of the CPC.

At CMEF Autumn 2018, Biolight attracted the attention of not only the domestic and foreign guests but also the media from all walks of life. The brand strength of the intelligent medical industry ecosystem that Biolight created was causing the media interest, which including major authoritative media such as the Special Zone News, Evening News, Business Daily, and Sports Health Channel.

Relying on the 19th National Congress, the healthy China strategy, the national health policy, and all-around health service and the support and attention of The Belt and Road, the national medical is developing rapidly. In these 25 years, Biolight had not forgotten their mission while full of "healthy dreams" and had shone in the stage of the industry.


Helping the country to build a brand powerhouse

In Feb 2018, Biolight won the first prize of "Guangdong Province Science and Technology" by its key technology of ECG signal detection based on blind signal processing and its applications in medical devices.



In July 2018, under the delegation of the Planning and Information Department of the National Health and Health Commission, after the selection of experts organized by the China Medical Equipment Association, Biolight’s five multiple parameter monitors with independent intellectual property rights were shortlisted for the ‘Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment Product Catalogue’.

In recent years, Biolight has produced plenty of innovative results, which not only provides a reference for equipment buyers but also demonstrates the Biolight’s products can stand out in the fierce competition and show their indispensable strength. Moreover, it shows that Biolight’s high-level scientific and technological innovations have a certain influence on the international and domestic market.

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