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  Encounter the better medical future  

Themed on the Intelligence reshapes the future, the 81st China international medical equipment fair began in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center on May 14th.


Biolight, the leader of national medical brands and has dedicated to the medical industry for 26 years, also attended this grand industry ceremony. 


What will Biolight bring to us this year? What happened on the first day of the fair?



From May 14th to 17th, Biolight will not only show the smart medical equipment of Hospital care solution, Hemopurification total solution, Extramural homecare, and Medical service but also demonstrated an emergency ERP project about the whole process management solution of regional first aid and other wonderful activities. At the beginning of the fair, Biolight has drawn a great many visitors.



Health care solution 


  Hemopurification total solutions


Extramural Homecare Products



Crowded and popular, Catch the eye of visitors


  serious and careful explanation



Superior service 


On site activities



Since 1993, Biolight has already had a 26 years history, from the domestic market to the international stage, from being a chaser to become a powerful and influential leader, all these cannot be done without the pragmatic and carefully crafted to every product.




Nowadays, Biolight is able to carry the banner of the rising national medical equipment on the road full of challenge not only because its strong technology, innovative products, and superior service but also the extraordinary future layout of the whole ecological intelligent medical industry, including the establishment of a Germany subsidiary, ‘Go out and bring back’ strategy, the integration of international and domestic markets and resources, which is taking the internationalization to a new level.


 Dr. Clenmens Von Goetze (Left), Ambassador of the German Embassy in China


  Mr. Liu Dianxun (Right), Director of the investment promotion bureau of the ministry of commerce of China



As a representative of the successful investment in Germany, on the afternoon of May 14, Mr. Yan Jinyuan, Chairman of Biolight, was invited to participate in the German Trade & Invest and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Beijing Regent Hotel. Chinese enterprises invested in high-end forums in Germany, and they shared with the Chinese and foreign leaders and representatives on how Biolight actively uses "China Speed + Made in Germany" to create a fast lane for the development of the global market.


  Christian Hirte (Left), Secretary of State and Deputy Minister (in charge of the new federal state affairs)

 German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy




Robert Hermann, CEO of the German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency


Thanks to the favorable policies of the national strategy, Biolight fully combines Germany high-quality labor resources, advanced infrastructure, moderate labor cost growth, high productivity and competitive tax incentives with the support of relevant governments of China and Germany. In less than a year, Biolight completed all preparatory work for the first phase of the production base in Germany. It has been completed and entered the trial production stage. This fertile soil will produce 4 million dialyzers per year!



In the future, not only in the field ofblood purification, but also in advanced technology and management experienceof vital signs monitoring and medical services, Biolight can ‘bring it back’.The world-class hemodialyzers, hemoperfusion devices, artificial renal, artificialliver, artificial lung, vascular access and other blood purification productsare within reach.

In the future, we firmly believe that:


Ingenuity creates quality, innovationdrives development,

A healthy Chinese dream is just around thecorner.


 This is a collision between technology andmedical care.

This is a conversation between intelligenceand the future.

The future has come, are you coming?


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