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  Biolight Invested 100M to Speed Up BP development  

 Recently, Biolight Meditech announced that they plan to set up a subsidiary Guandong Biolight Meditech Blood Purification Technology Co., Ltd for accelerating the blood purification field whole industry layout, registered capital 100 million CNY. Since this year, Biolight has owned several companies equity by capital increment and merger. It shows that Biolight goes to the next stage of speeding up in the blood purification area after trials and explorations for years.

The company said Biolight works on creating the blood purification full industrial chain layout. To outcompete others under the fierce competition, the company need to reinforce the investment and increase more resource and energy to make the blood purification business bigger and stronger, and also need to enhance brand recognition in blood purification area step by step.


The company also believes that the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary is an important measure for Biolight group to put a premium on the blood purification business. It can better guide and integrate the companys industrial chain, channel network, base layout, and scale advantages. It also centralizes the resource and strength to accelerate the blood purification business, which will improve the product innovation design and industrial chain management and control ability, thereby, increasing the comprehensive competitiveness and channel of profit growth.

In fact, Biolight has been deeply engaged in the field of blood purification by self develop and extensional merger and acquisition for several years. It ranges from the dialysis machine, perfusion machine, water treatment device, sterilization system, concentrated solution distribution system,  dialysis consumables, sales channel, hospital service and other comprehensive layouts of blood purification ecosystem. Especially the sale channel, Biolight has three channel platform companies in China, and their products currently cover nearly 5000 hospitals in China and over 100 countries and regions overseas. 

Biolight has set up seven industrial bases in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Liaoning, Chongqing, Tianjin, initially completed the national strategic layout. Implementing the Go out and bring it back international strategy, the company has preliminary set up the blood purification industrial base in Germany. The base adopts the German or even European advanced management, experience, and technology in blood purification area to promote the localization of hemodialysis equipment and consumables, and also improve the quality, management, and efficiency of the company.

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