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  Biolight introduced third SMT system  

With globalized business and growing market demand, in order to meet increasing order demands, further improve production efficiency, improve product quality, Biolight have recently introduced the third SMT system, becoming one of the few medical device manufacturer with multi-sets SMT systems. 

Recently Biolight started the third SMT system and put it into operation formally, after having introduced 2 new SMT system from 2013 to 2015.

SMT(Surface Mount Technology)is the most popular technology and technics in the industry. As the components were mounted on the surface of the board, rather than having connections that went through holes in the board, the new technology was called surface mount technology or SMT and the devices used were surface mount devices, SMDs. The idea for SMT was adopted very quickly because it enabled greater levels of mechanisation to be used, and it considerably saved on manufacturing costs.To accommodate surface mount technology, SMT, a completely new set of components was needed. New SMT outlines were required, and often the same components, e.g. ICs were sold in both traditional leaded packages and SMT packages. Despite this, the gains of using SMT proved to be so large that it was adopted very quickly.

In a word, In a word, the PCB board made by SMT system is ultra-precision, which could be used widely in Patient monitor, Hemodialysis machine, intelligent medical devices and so on. 


All the three SMT came from South Korea, including PCB Vacuum Loader, Screen Printing, Multi-function Mounter , Reflow Oven, AOI Station. Each of these processes could be customized and detecting could be added for quality control. All the processes are easy to operate and control.



What we will obtain from the SMT System?
1. Improve productivity and efficiency to meet the fast-growing market demands
2. Improve product quality, make production process more meticulous, increase the qualification rate of finished product.
3. Short lead time, custom-made for different customers.




Biolight begins to step in an intelligent manufacturing era with the best SMT production system. Industry 4.0, we are coming.


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