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P500 Injection Pumps



l  2.4 inch  LCD display

l  4 kinds of injection mode, easy, flow rate, time-based, body weight.

l  Built-in 20 kinds of syringe brand (5 international) and support two custom syringe.

l  Applicable to various standard syringe 10, 20, 30, 50 /60 ml, and syringe size automatic identification.

l  Anti-bolus function with three gradings(H,M,L).

l  12 kinds Audio-Visual alarm insure further safety.

l  Automatically transfer to KVO speed operation upon preset goal is completed.

l  Real time display total injection volume, easy for clinical observation.

l  Extensive injection rate range, from 0.1ml to 1300 ml/h, in 0.1ml/h increments.

l  Easy input by Keyboard or shuttle key.

l  Rechargeable Ni-MH battery keep machine above 5 hours running under 5 m/L.

l  Memory of last running parameters even under power off

l  Stackable for multiple channels.

l  Drug Library is available, 45 kinds of Medicines selectable

l  IPX3, Class II, Type CF

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